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Are hernia meshes necessary for the all patients?

Hernia mesh procedure or hernioplasty is one of the most frequently conducted surgeries in the US today. According to latest reports, more than a million patients undergo this procedure to fix their hernias, a bulge in the abdomen created by the internal organs pushing through the weaker sections of the abdomen. In the method, the surgeon cuts a small slit in the affected region to push the displaced organs back to their position. Following that, they insert a small polypropylene mesh, so that the organs cannot push back through the compromised region.

The surgery involving meshes became quite popular in the past two decades, as the procedure was supposed to prevent the hernia recurrences – a major issue in traditional hernia surgery. However, in the given period multiple patients have come forward with issues after being fitted with the implant.

Complications associated with the polypropylene meshes

The polypropylene meshes are known to cause some amount of discomfort to the patients after surgery. However, in some cases, patients have suffered from the following complications:

  1. Adhesion
  2. Chronic Pain
  3. Infection
  4. Bowel obstruction
  5. Organ perforation
  6. Inflammation and swelling in the area of the incision
  7. Mesh rejection
  8. Mesh migration
  9. Nerve damage

If not treated on time, these issues can lead to life-threatening situations. In most cases, patients require numerous surgeries to fix these issues. Unfortunately, these complications are expensive and risky, which puts an extra dent in the already punctured morale of the victims.

When do these complications crop up?

A complication following hernioplasty or hernia mesh procedure can crop up any time after the surgery. As per a study, the chances of complications can arise within five years after the surgery.

The paper suggested that a substantial number of patients need reparative procedures to fix the complications.

The reason behind these complications

As per experienced lawyers, the designed flaw of some of the hernia meshes is the main reason why these implants fail to deliver the best results. With time, the mesh might shrink or get detached from its anchored points, leading to the severe internal injuries for the victims.

The big corporations launched a product that was not tested thoroughly, jeopardizing the life of the patient. Plus, they assured the doctors that the medical device would help to manage the hernia and provide the patients with lasting relief.

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