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Hernia mesh complications are growing as a global issue


As of February 2018, more than 54,000 hernia mesh lawsuit cases are still awaiting some kind of action. Although there have been some very distinguished settlements and verdicts in a couple of hernia mesh case, there are some class action lawsuits that are still awaiting for results. The plaintiffs asked for the compensation of the loss of wages, cost for the medical expenses, and compensation for their emotional suffering as well.

Hernia mesh surgery is a popular surgical procedure in the U.S. and sees more than 80,000 repairs performed every year. The use of the surgical mesh product is no more a new thing but has been n the news for all the wrong reasons. It was, however, advertised to help patients prevent the condition from further occurring.

hernia mesh procedureOne of the most severe side effects of any flawed hernia mesh procedure is the chance of infection, which is often overlooked. But once they are left untreated for a long time, it is not possible to cure them easily. So, if there is any sign of pain, bleeding or discomfort, you must get in touch with the health provider immediately.

If there is any defect in the quality of the mesh, chances of mesh migration is very high. It goes to various parts of the neighboring implant region causing nerve damage and other serious complications. Chronic pain is the only way to determine if there is any such unwanted condition inside the implant.

Of the most commonly reported complications and health issues associated is hernia recurrence. Thousands of adverse reports have been submitted to the FDA which speaks about how improper surgical techniques led to the complexities of hernia relapse. Shrinkage and migration of defective mesh products is also to blame for resulting similar consequences.

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